We offer a wide range of rugs. You can find them in many different types, from a comfortable fleece rug to a waterproof rain rug. All the rugs are made of super strong material for long durability. The lining of most rugs has smooth nylon pieces, which prevents chafing. Additionally, most of the rugs have comfortable shoulder slits to give your horse perfect freedom of movement.

saddle pads

Looking for a unique saddle pad? We’ve got you! All our saddle pads are super luxurious, have beautiful details and are available in various colours. The covers have sparkling piping in beautiful colour combinations. To make sure the saddle pads do not slip under the saddle, they are equipped with girth and saddle loops.

we are Horsegear

Launched in 2015, Horsegear begun with creating rugs of the highest quality for your horse. Nowadays, Horsegear has become the brand for comfortable and luxurious equipment for your horse, while always staying on trend. Our assortment ranges from strong rugs to beautiful halters and classy saddle pads.

Comfort and luxury

Our products are designed to suit every horse and rider. Whether you are a professional rider or recreational equestrian, we are here to ensure you that all the horses have the most comfortable and luxurious gear they need.